Reflect private beta

It’s been a bit since we’ve given an update. Apologies; we’ve been busy. We’re working through onboarding people as quickly as we can. We’ve seen teams build beautiful UIs with Reflect and embed them into their applications. Thank you for your support!

Some of the things we’ve been working on include:

Updated Workroom blog/workroom.png

Better ingestion APIs

We’re making the semantics of our APIs more robust. Reflect is able to ingest data from any source and intelligently optimize it for delivery.

Easier integrations

We’re working on push button integrations to popular data sources, starting with S3. This is an ongoing process, so please email us if you want more information, or have a specific integration you would like us to support.


Take your raw data source and transform it into easily reportable information with a few lines of JavaScript. You can also use our transform features to create custom metrics.

Multi-series charting blog/multi-series.png

Smarter visualizations

Our visualizations are able to present data with very little fuss. We have support for tables, line charts, area charts, bar charts, pie charts and metrics. All our visualizations are easily extendable and come with native Sass support baked in. We’re also adding multi-dimensional charting and new visualizations. Let us know if there are specific visualizations you need for your project.

Flexible embedding

You can add interactions and transitions, replacing the entire content of a visualization by changing our embed language on the fly. We added support for chaining visualizations, allowing you to add custom HTML and CSS content, which gracefully loads after the visualizations render.

Integration boilerplate blog/boilerplate.png

Integration boilerplates

We’re releasing some of the best looking dashboard templates ever! Just add your API key and drop them into any application. It’s really easy to customize styling and layouts.

If you have any input or feedback, or just want to connect, you can reach us at