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Iterate quickly and easily with view versioning

An introduction to Reflect’s view versioning feature

Reflect theming: A new way to customize your visualization UIs

Advanced customization of your Reflect views

5 data exploration techniques to build into your visualizations

Techniques you can leverage to take your visualization interfaces from good to great

The simplifying power of SQL views in data reporting, part 1

Taming organizational complexity with easy-to-implement abstractions

How I increased the value of my Fitbit with a CSV

How does exercise affect sleep quality? In Part 1 of this tutorial series we’ll turn a CSV into an interactive, visual response to that question.

The Implications of Redshift Spectrum

The data lake is finally becoming a true lake

Introducing Reflect field formatters

Another customization feature that you’ll love

Reflect now supports Microsoft SQL Server, CSV, and SQLite

We’ve expanded our data source offerings by three—with more on the way soon.

Reflect Public Beta

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of Reflect to the public! Within minutes, you can connect to your existing data sources, design interactive views of your data, and embed them into your application or service.

Jekyll Tips and Tricks

Jekyll is an extremely powerful static site generator. Here’s how we became power users here at Reflect.

The new self-hosted Reflect Agent

You can now provide data to Reflect’s reporting and visualization API without sharing your database connection info

Building an automated website publishing pipeline using CircleCI

Deploying your website manually is often a waste of time and energy. Here’s how we used automation to forge a better path at Reflect.

The Reflect Interactions API

Build customized data interactions into your Reflect views

What we learned visualizing 5,000 GitHub accounts in 24 hours

TL;DR — Consume only the data you need to, pipe it through well-understood components, and weigh your options carefully, even under duress

Our first GitHub report card

Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at Reflect! From being accepted to Techstars to raising a seed round, 2016 was an exhilarating year for us.

Best practices for testing React components using Mocha, Chai, and Enzyme

As a data visualization company, our success is crucially dependent on the front-end portion of our product. We subject our whole front-end stack, which is largely based on React, to a thorough arsenal of unit tests, smoke tests, and more.

Awesome in-app dashboards (and how to make yours awesome too)

Not all dashboards are created equal. At Reflect, we see a lot of dashboards so we’re always on the lookout for the ones that have the perfect combination of beautiful visualizations, give meaningful insight, and make it easy to find exactly what you need.

We raise a $2.5m seed round led by DFJ

We’re thrilled to announce our $2.5m seed round led by DFJ. We also have support from Founders’ Co-Op, Liquid 2 Ventures, Techstars, Stanford University, and some amazing angel investors, including Ilya Sukhar and Alex Payne.

Three productivity hacks we learned by visualizing our work hours

For the past few years I’ve used RescueTime, an app that monitors which apps you use and rates you for how ‘productively’ you spend your computer time.

Analytics 101: Choosing the right database

When you’re new to the analytics ecosystem, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of your options for getting up and running. This is especially true when it comes to picking the right foundational technology: the database.

Embeddable dashboards & reports

Building analytics is tough, and let’s face it, your engineering team already has a ton on their plate. Wouldn’t it be great if your org was able to rapidly create, deploy and iterate on analytics in your product? Well, now with our embeddable dashboards and reports you can.

Multi-series visualizations

While we’ve added tons of features to Reflect - this one really stands out. It was the most requested feature from our customers, and greatly improves the UX for exploration and interaction, which is something we’re constantly striving for. It also just looks so damn good!

Reflect private beta

It’s been a bit since we’ve given an update. Apologies; we’ve been busy. We’re working through onboarding people as quickly as we can. We’ve seen teams build beautiful UIs with Reflect and embed them into their applications. Thank you for your support!