Embeddable dashboards & reports

Building analytics is tough, and let’s face it, your engineering team already has a ton on their plate. Wouldn’t it be great if your org was able to rapidly create, deploy and iterate on analytics in your product? Well, now with our embeddable dashboards and reports you can.

How it works

Design stunning analytics using sample data. Then, connect your data to Reflect. After you're done, embed your dashboards and reports right into your apps and services.

Here’s an example blog/dashboard-example.png

View a live version at examples.reflect.io.

This example was created using a view, components, interactions, and a theme. These elements are the building blocks of any dashboard or report and allow us to abstract the UX away from the underlying data. Additionally, working in a standardized environment ​helps create ​consistent experiences ​within your products.


Views are what you embed into your product. You can create everything from opinionated dashboards to ad-hoc reports which allow your users to explore and interact with datasets. The choice is yours.


Components are the building blocks of all views. There are different types of components. Some components are best used for visualizing and interacting with data, while others, such as a filter bar or a datepicker, power the interactions in your view.

An interaction within a component blog/component-interaction.png


Interactions are necessary in making dashboards and reports responsive to user feedback. Interactions can include adding a filter, or drilling down into a report. You can also add custom interactions that trigger events directly in your app.


We’ve made it easy to integrate with your established brand and aesthetic. Theming in Reflect is highly flexible and allows for near infinite customization using SASS/CSS. We also have a variety of themes that can be used as a starting point.


Please reach out to us at hello@reflect.io to schedule a demo.