Our first GitHub report card

Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at Reflect! From being accepted to Techstars to raising a seed round, 2016 was an exhilarating year for us.

Over the last year, our engineers have all been working hard on making Reflect into the most powerful data visualization platform out there. As with any highly productive engineering team, some healthy competition emerged amongst us and the idea for a friendly ranking system was born. With this idea in mind, our engineering team created the GitHub Report Card.

After having lots of fun internally with the GitHub Report Card, we thought it’d be interesting to release our creation to all GitHub users. Simply log in with your GitHub account and visualize a wide variety of stats from your last year of coding, including which months and days of the week you committed the most frequently to the GitHub, which users you collaborated with the most, and more.

Take a look at the the GitHub Report Card for Reflect at githubreportcard.com.

We hope you all enjoy visualizing your productivity on GitHub last year. If you haven’t already, sign up here for our private beta. We can’t wait to see what you build in 2017!