Multi-series visualizations

While we’ve added tons of features to Reflect - this one really stands out. It was the most requested feature from our customers, and greatly improves the UX for exploration and interaction, which is something we’re constantly striving for. It also just looks so damn good!

How it works

For many use cases two (or more) series are better than one. If you want to show an aggregate (all of the values combined) you can do so with a single series, but if you want to show how the total value is broken down you need multi-series visualizations.

Building a multi-series visualization

You can visualize multi-series in our Workroom by selecting a dimension and then selecting a second dimension to group by. In the example below we’re viewing Retweets over Created at Date grouped by Keyword. This is handled in our embed code as a second dimension that automatically gets graphed.

multi-series in our workroom blog/multi-series-example.png

Give it a spin! We're always curious to hear what you think. If you have any input or feedback, or just want to connect, you can reach us at