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Built for embedding

Reflect was designed to let you natively integrate data views into your apps and websites.

Simple embedding

Our reflect.js library lets you embed visualizations that feel native to your application.


You can create interactions with the rest of your app that let you filter on specific data, drill down, and much more.

Match your brand

We offer CSS-only theming capabilities that let you make Reflect views seamlessly match the branding of your site.

Programmatic controls

Reflect lets you apply filters and parameters, create event-driven interactions, and more.

The anatomy of an embed

Just copy and paste the Reflect embed code into your site and we'll handle all the heavy lifting.


Use parameterization and signed authentication to provide secure access to customer-specific views.


Apply filters, listen for events to create interactions, customize presentation, and more.

var r = new Reflect([access_key, signed_token]),
    elem = document.getElementById('my-view-container'),
    params = [{
      field: 'User ID',
      value: '1'

// Limit what data you show to your user.

// Subscribe to events.
r.on('my-components', 'dataPointClick', (data) => {

// Render your view!
r.view(elem, 'view-abc123');

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