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Simply Measured

Simply Measured integrated Reflect into their product, letting customers explore their data in an intuitive way.


Simply Measured is a social analytics tool that brings complex data to end users in a powerful, engaging way. When developing their core application, Simply Measured tried out a few BI products, but were frustrated that those tools required pushing data to a third-party data store and were disappointed with the immaturity of their embedding libraries.



Reflect offered Simply Measured a powerful, unified platform—not just an API but an in-browser editor that even non-engineers can use—that enabled them to build a complex, powerful integration that serves an essential role in their core analytics product. From a user's perspective, Reflect enabled Simply Measured to embed highly customized views that look and feel like native parts of our application rather than something tacked on. And throughout the entire process, Reflect offered engaged support and speedy resolution times that went beyond a traditional vendor relationship.


Reflect freed up significant engineering resources that Simply Measured could devote to critical pieces of their application. And looking into the future, Reflect's flexible platform and simple authoring process for reports and visualizations will enable Simply Measured to continue improving their core analytics platform with their focus where it belongs: on the product.

Simply Measured offers the most complete measurement and reporting solution for social media marketers.
SaaS • Analytics • Sales and Marketing • Small and Medium Businesses
Use case
Integrated Reflect into core product for customer-facing analytics
Enabled team of 2 to ship complete product within weeks