The API for data visualization

Data to visualizations with a few lines of code

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Flexible embedding

Add Reflect directly into your product

Reflect is built to be integrated directly into your application or service. Just add a few lines of code and we do all the heavy lifting.

<div id="your-view-container"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.reflect = {
    element: document.getElementById('your-view-container'),
    token: 'a1b2c3-your-secure-token-d4e5f6',
    project: 'your-project',
    view: 'your-view'
<script src=""></script>

Data modeling

Forget about ETL or transforming data

Reflect securely connects to your databases without moving or transforming any data. You can then create fields that let Reflect know how to interact with your database.

Authoring tools

Design directly in the browser without touching code

Use our design tools to easily author entire dashboards, reports, and other views with a point and click interface.

Beautiful visualizations

Use our library of stunning, customizable components

Reflect comes with components that look great out of the box. With a design system already in place, snapping together visualizations is almost effortless.


Just a few of the things Reflect offers

Match your brand

Easily customize your visualizations using SASS or CSS.

Event API

Create interactions that integrate with the rest of your product.

Filters & drilldowns

Let your customers slice and dice the data exactly how they want.


Give your users customized views of their data. Reflect is securely built with multiple users in mind.

Design studio

Design rich, interactive experiences in your browser.

Data modeling

Create a centralized definition of all the dimensions and metrics needed to drive your UI.

Performance optimization

Reflect transparently optimizes queries as it learns about your usage patterns.


No need to move or transform any of your data.

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