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TUNE uses Reflect to power their customer-facing analytics, enabling the TUNE team to focus on their product.


TUNE creates heavily console-driven marketing tools, which means that providing compelling visualizations is essential to each of their core products. When developing their Multiverse product, TUNE experimented with both an in-house solution and solutions from various products in the data visualization and reporting space, but they found that their in-house solution required far too much in engineering resources and that the existing marketplace didn't provide true multi-tenancy.



While some data visualization and reporting products offer per-user access to views, TUNE needed to be able to provide-and withhold-per-user access to specific data. TUNE's engineering team used Reflect to implement true multi-tenancy in their Multiverse product using a small handful of engineers: one engineer to make minor backend changes and two front-end engineers building the dashboard. The entire middle layer—from ingesting data from databases to enabling developers, product managers, and others to create data views in a simple UI—is handled by Reflect.

Tune's CEO, Peter Hamilton, on stage announcing TUNE Multiverse to their customers. All powered by Reflect.


Because Reflect provides the whole middle layer, TUNE engineers don't have to build this layer themselves, and Reflect's simple web UI means that non-engineers are free to experiment with creating their own visualizations and views of their data. This allows for an enhanced focus on their core business logic—how to expose data to clients—rather than on implementation details.

A Mobile Analytics and Performance Marketing Platform
SaaS • Mobile • Sales and Marketing • Small and Medium Businesses
Use case
Deliver easy-to-understand reports to marketers
TUNE is able to ship and iterate on products without needing an API team